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Engineering Colleges in Ranga Reddy District
College Name
Aryabhata Institute of Technology & Science
ACE Engineering College
Annamacharya Institute of Tech. & Science
Al-habeeb College of Engineering & Technology
Amina Institute of Technology
Anurag College of Engineering
Anwar - UI - Uloom College of Engineering & Tech.
Arjun College of Technology & Sciences
Asifia College of Engineering & Technology
Avamthi's Scientific Tech. & Research Academy
Avanthi Institute of Engineering & Technology
Ayaan College of Engineering & Technology
Azad College of Engineering & Technology
Bharat Institue of Engineering & Technology
Brilliant Institute of Engineering & Technology
bandari Srinivas Institute of Technology
Bhaskara Engineering College
Bharat Institute of Tech. & Science for Women
Chilkur Balaji Institute of Technology
Aurora's Scientific and Technological Institute
CM Engineering College
CMR College of Engineering & Technology
CMR Institute of Technology
CRV Institute of Tech. & Science
CVR College of Engineering
CVSR College of Engineering
DRK College of Engineering & Technology
DRK Institute of Science & Technology
Geethanjali College of Engineering & Technology
Geetanjali Institute of Science & Tech.
Global Institute of Engineering & Technology
Guru Nanak Institute of Technology
Guru Nanak Engineering College
Hasvitha Institute of Engineering & Technology
Hasvitha Institute of Management & Technology  
Hasvitha Institute of Science & Technology  
Hyderabad Institute of Technology & Mgt.
Holy Mary Institute of Tech.
Holy Mary Institute of Tech. & Science
Hi-Point College of Engineering & Technologgy
Hi-Tech College of Engineering & Tech.
Institute of Aeronautical Engineering
Sri Indu College of Engineering & Technology
P.Indra Reddy Memorial Engineering College
JB Institute of Engineering & Technology
Jyothishmathi College of Engineering & Technology
Jagruti Institute of Engineering & Technology
J.J. Institute of Information Technology
Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Technology
Joginapally BR Engineering College
K.G.Reddy College of Engineering & Technology
Krishnamurthy Institute of Technology & Engineering
K.Narayana Reddy College of Engineering & Technology
KITE College of Professional Engineering Sciences
Kommuri Pratap Reddy Institute of Technology
KITE Women's Colleg of Professional Engineering Sciences
Sri K.S. Raju Institute of Tech. & Science
Mannan Institute of Science & Technology
Marconi Institute of Tech.
Malla Reddy Engineering College for Women
Megha Institute of Engineering & Tech. For Women
MLR Institute of Technology
Mallareddy College of Engineering & Technology
Malla Reddy Institute of Tech.
M.N.Rao Women's Engg. College
Malla Reddy Engineering College for Women
Malla Reddy Engineering College
Malla Reddy Institute of Engineering & Technology
Malla Reddy Institute of Tech. & Science
St. Martin's Engineering College
Murthy Institute of Technolgoy & Science
Nexus College of Science & Tech.
New India College of Engineering & Tech.
Nova College of Engineering & Technology
Narasimha Reddy Engineering College
Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College
Nishitha Colleg of Engineering & Tech.
Pujya Shri Madhavanji Institute of Science & Technology
Princeton College of Engineering & Technology
PREM Engineering College
Raja Mahendra College of Engineering
R.V.R. Institute of Engineering & Technology
Royal Institue of Technology & Science
Sree Datta Institute of Engineering & Science
Shaz College of Engineering & Technology
Siddhartha Institute of Engineering & Technology
Siddartha Institute of Tech. & Sciences
Shajehan College of Engineering & Tech.
SLC's Institute of Engineering & Technology
Samskruthi College of Engineering & Technology
Sree Nidhi Institute of Science & Tech.
Scient Institute of Technology
St. Peter's Engineering College
S.P.R. College of Engineering & Technology
SS Institute of Technology
S.V. College of Engineering & Technology
Tirumala Engineering College
Vignana Bharathi Institute of Technology
Visvesvaraya College of Engineering & Technology.
Vidya Jyothi Institute of Technology
Vivekananda's Instiute of Engineering & Tech.
VIF College of Engineering & Technology
VNR Vignan Jyothi Institute of Engineering & Technology
Vijaya Krishna Institute of Technology & Science
Vardaman College of Engineering
V.M.R Institue of Tech. & Management Science
Vignan's Institute of Management & Tech. For Women
Dr. VRK Women's College of Engineering & Tech.
Vidya Vikas Institute of Technology
The Younis Sultan College of Engineering